About Us

In the beginning, this company was a dream, that has finally taken hold in a way that has changed with trends, the economy and their customers.  Culinary Creations is a business that is cared about so deeply, its almost bigger than the people that own it.  Phil, Faith and Michelle have put in blood, sweat and tears into making their company what it is today.  With schooling at the New England Culinary Institute, they have grown into a family and business known for different, unique and most of all, something to talk about.

With time to figure out their goals together, they took time working for other restaurants, catering companies and large corporations gaining the knowledge needed to start a company that hasn’t found its limits yet.  As twins, Faith and Michelle had similar dreams of business and while in school they found just the right person with the same aspirations.  Phil, a go getter himself, married Michelle and with that threesome, the Hudson Valley didn’t know what hit them.

Culinary Creations is a company that works with the thought of only doing what they do best.  Giving personalized service, and making it their life mission to make people happy.  There isn’t anything better in their eyes, than giving a bride that unique touch her guests go home talking about or that something special that makes a customers event one that goes down in the books.  Phil, Faith and Michelle strive to make each and every customer experience one that they will come back for.

This companies roll in the community is to give the residents a different way to look at food and to renew the thought of a “dinning experience”, not just grabbing something to eat.  The award of Best Restaurant in the Hudson Valley 2008-Times Herald Record, and the exclusive caterers of the Monticello Motor Club, gives them the recognition that helped the community make Culinary Creations a destination restaurant for lunch, dinner or brunch.  They have expanded over the years with one of a kind specialty cakes, all natural dog treats, cleaning and household products, the ever popular exquisite selection of handmade chocolates and pastries that are hard to pass up.

Starting out as a place to grab a sandwich and a brownie, Culinary Creations has grown into a place that has the right to be know for its special touches and great food.  This company and its owners have an endless limit on what their future holds and the desire to achieve all that stands in their way of food greatness.